Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the Center for Pain Treatment?

The Center is one of the few facilities in the country where a chiropractor works in harmony with Board Certified Trigger Point Myotherapists to help patients with complex pain and dysfunction problems. This method of treatment yields much quicker results than other medical approaches.

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What is Chiropractic?

Chiropractic is the science of aligning the spine and musculoskeletal structures of the body so that the nervous system, which controls all the other systems in the body, can function freely. Proper alignment of the spinal column is essential for optimum health and pain free living. Some chiropractors have discovered that adjustments to the spinal column often do not hold because taut muscle bands are pulling on the bones and vertebrae. Trigger Point Myotherapy helps to eliminate tightness in muscles. buy soma online tramadol online pharmacy ambien online without prescription buy ativan online no prescription buy klonopin online without prescription

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What is Trigger Point Myotherapy (TrPM)?

A Trigger Point is a self-sustaining irritated spot in the muscle which causes the muscle to gradually become tighter to shorten. This limits the function and motion of the muscle causing weakness and pain.

Now comes the big mystery. The trigger point baffles the vast majority of the medical community because it refers the pain to a different area of the body, most of the time. TrPM is the non-invasive treatment of these trigger points with slow sustained hand pressure and gentle stretching to restore normal pain free movement. This is the most efficient treatment for Myofascial Pain Syndrome (MPS).

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How do people get trigger points?

Trigger points can develop in the muscles from various insults to the body, such as a blow, broken bone, whiplash, chilling, surgery, immobilization, nutritional imbalance, chronic overuse and repetitive motion.

Muscles have remarkably long memories. Even years after an injury has healed, a simple precipitating event such as bending over to lift something, can reactivate the trigger point causing a predictable pain and weakness pattern. This is particularly true during times of stress.

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Where does Trigger Point Myotherapy (TrPM) come from?

Unlike acupressure, TrPM is based on a Western medical model. It is the result of long years of research and documentation by many physicians including: Drs. Calliet, Rinzler, Grosshandler, Kraus, Sola, Simons and particularly Travell.

Dr. Janet Travell, White House Physician to Presidents Kennedy and Johnson, researched and published the specific pain patterns and symptoms caused by the specific trigger points. She showed how to successfully locate, treat and deactivate these trigger points. All of our Board Certified Trigger Point Myotherapists at our Center, in addition to their specialized schooling, have personally studied with Dr. Travell.

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What can I expect from my first visit to the Center?

First, a receptionist will greet you and give you a medical questionnaire and other forms to fill out. Next, comes a thorough evaluation by the Chiropractor, including a review of possible perpetuating factors. We do not promote unnecessary X-rays. Most often, your existing X-rays are enough; many patients do not need any. If they are needed, you will be referred out for this procedure. Then, a Myotherapist will treat you for almost an hour. They will listen to you, read the diagnosis, and locate your trigger points in the involved muscles. They will slowly press them and wait for the release. Then will gently stretch that muscle. At first the trigger point may be very tender, but as the skilled myotherapist holds it, the tenderness will begin to fade. Most patients will feel a change immediately. The Chiropractor will re-examine you and may perform a gentle adjustment, if necessary.

You will KNOW if this treatment will be effective for your problem, in one or two visits. In most cases, you can expect to leave with more range of motion and less or no pain. We will assign a personalized GENTLE stretch program designed to reduce stiffness and increase flexibility and function. This will enable you to take charge of your life once again.

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Who benefits from Trigger Point Therapy?

Prime candidates are people with chronic pain, who have received little relief from other treatments, drugs or surgeries. They may have been medically dismissed with a "Name" for their affliction such as: carpal tunnel, TMJ, migraines, fibromyalgia, bursitis, tendonitis, arthritis, trick knee, tennis elbow, radicular neuropathy, sciatica, stiff neck or low back pain. Survivors of strokes, head injuries, MS and polio may have little pain but do exhibit severe dysfunction and weakness. Their dropped foot, frozen shoulder and restricted walking (short steps) can be helped! Athletes, dancers and musicians have had their performance abilities restored and even improved. A singer's vocal range can even be increased.

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Do you ever work with physicians?

Yes. Many physicians, who have themselves benefited from our treatments, refer patients to us for help. When necessary we also refer patients to appropriate physicians who understand Myofascial Pain Syndrome (MPS). In this way a Medical Doctor can complete the team approach in helping the patient.

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What is expected of me?

Please bring all relevant medical records including: X-rays MRI's and CAT scans, if they are available. Also, a list of all prescribed and over-the-counter medications, including all nutritional supplements. Your willingness to participate in your own recovery is vital. You will learn better ways to use your muscles so your problem will not recur. You will also receive a gentle stretch program to RETRAIN abused or injured muscles. Pain and stiffness can usually be eliminated or reduced. This participatory effort is an essential ingredient in your feeling better.

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